The Vision of Winchester Covenant Church

“Building for the Generations to Come”

Winchester Covenant Church is a community of disciples who are seeking to build our lives together in a way that pleases God, that is consistent with Biblical revelation and that honors and values our roots both in historical Christianity and also in the “covenant movement” of the 1970’s and 1980’s. We also are seeking to identify and meet the specific opportunities and challenges of the present time. We have determined that, by the grace of God and the power by the Holy Spirit, our life together in Christ will be effective and fruitful as we prepare to enter the 21st century.


Mission Statement:

Winchester Covenant Church is a people called by God

  • to know and to love Him
  • to learn to live His way
  • to manifest  His Kingdom through our words and deeds 


Our Vision :

We are a people joined together by the hand of God; therefore, (1) we are seeking to share our lives with one another as fully as we can; (2) we are offering our lives and relationships to represent to God’s transformation process in order that we may reflect God’s character, thoughts, and ways; (3) we have resolved to obey our Lord’s commission to evangelize and disciple our families and the unchurched.

We seek to be Biblically sound in doctrine and life, both personally and corporately. Our goal is to win and incorporate the unchurched into Christ and his body. We will seek to serve people with and without church backgrounds who cannot connect with the traditional American churches that center on buildings and in-house programs.

We will work to equip every person whom God joins to us to serve God’s purpose. We want each individual to fulfill the plan of God for his or her life. We want each one to serve God effectively in his or her sphere of influence. We want to equip and encourage each person to seek for the growth of God’s kingdom by offering himself or herself to be God’s agent of change within his or her God-ordained sphere of influence.



Love expressed in

  • Humility (brokenness, self-denial, crucifixion with Christ)
  • Worship (obedience, praise, thanksgiving, adoration, intercession)
  • Service (servant leadership, everyone contributing)
  • Faithfulness (loyalty, perseverance, endurance)
  • Peace (right relationships, God’s order)
  • Accountability (discipleship, care)
  • Fellowship (community, small groups, a full life)
  • Evangelism (loving the unchurched, proclaiming the kingdom, incorporating  people into the body)

Winchester Covenant Church is deeply committed to serving within the larger body of Christ. We want to fellowship and work with the other households of faith in Winchester Clark County.

For more information contact us by phone (859-771-7138) or email at